Knights of the Southern Cross

The Knights of the Southern Cross is a Catholic fraternal order committed to promoting the Christian social principles throughout Australia. It was founded in Sydney in 1919 with the approval of the Catholic bishops of Australia. Branches operate in many Catholic Parishes throughout Australia and membership is open to Catholic men over the age of 18. The Order also established the non-profit aged care organisation, Southern Cross Care. St Mary MacKillop is the patron saint of the Knights.

The order has five objects:

  1. To promote the advancement of Australia
  2. To foster the Christian way of life throughout the nation
  3. To promote the welfare of members of the Order and their families
  4. To encourage spiritual, social and intellectual activities amongst members of the Order
  5. To conduct and support educational, charitable, religious and social welfare work.

The Order was founded in 1919 in Sydney at a time when Catholics were regarded with suspicion by the Protestant majority in Australia. Within a year of its establishment over 1,000 men had joined the order from every state in Australia and a national council was established to oversee the organisation. In the beginning it served to assist Catholic servicemen returned from the First World War in finding employment, and to defend the rights and interests of the Catholic Church in Australia – a mission which it continues to promote today.

Through the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, the Knights of the Southern Cross are associated with the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of St Columbanus, the Knights of Da Gama, the Knights of Peter Claver, the Knights of the Southern Cross (New Zealand) and the Knights of St Columba.

At St Gerard’s, the Knights meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. Please contact Mr Andrew Vaccaro for more information on 0404 390 824.