Becoming a Catholic

Have you thought of becoming a Catholic but haven’t yet because you don’t know how? Are you married to or going out with a Catholic and would like to know what it’s all about? The priests at St Gerard’s are always ready to meet anybody of good will with questions about the Catholic Faith. Just make an appointment at the office and have come in for a discussion over a cup of tea or a glass of red, one on one with the priest – or bring a friend if you will be more at ease! You can usually also catch one of the priests right after Sunday Mass outside the front of the church as an initial point of contact.

Should you wish to explore Catholic doctrine in greater depth, we run a yearly course in the Catholic Faith that culminates in the ceremony of baptism at Easter for those who wish to enter the Church (or formal reception into the Catholic Church for those who have been already baptised). There is never any pressure to enter the Church, but the door is certainly open.

The word “catholic” (from Greek καθολικός) means universal. There is no man or woman alive who believing the truths contained in Sacred Scripture and Holy Tradition and striving to live life according to them, is not welcome in the Catholic Church. Are you unsure what this means? Come and have a chat to one of the priests!